Journal articles





Contribution to edited books


  • Morality Policies: current and future research agenda. Research Encyclopedia on Politics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.








  • 2015: Politics of dilemma: Coalition considerations and party conflicts on morality policies in the "religious world". Doctoral Thesis. Konstanz: University of Konstanz.
  • 2010: Environmental Policy: Review on Leader and Laggard Countries in Europe. In Klaus Jakob et al. (eds), Environment and the Single Market. Final Report to the European Commission Brüssel. Berlin: FFU - Forschungsstelle für Umweltpolitik der Freien Universität zu Berlin, 23-45. (with A. Müller und T. Sommerer)

Under review

  • Gender quota and political performance in the European Parliament. (with E. Frech, University of Geneva).
  • Ruling under a shadow of moral hierarchy: Regulatory Intermediaries in the Governance of Prostitution.
  • The church's role as provider of morality-based social services in German states: A question of religious denomination and the room for intervention. (with O. Mettang).
  • Who are the agents of societal minorities? Regulating prostitution and same-sex partnership rights in Europe.

Work in progress

  • Special Issue: Responsibilization strategies in the governance of prostitution policy. (with N. Zeegers, University of Groningen).
  • Speaking to the national principal? An analysis of MEP's legislative activities in the European Parliament. (with E. Frech, University of Geneva)
  • Faith-based organisations and welfare states: a cross-country analysis of religious engagement in the provision of value-laden social services (with O. Mettang, L. Riedel, LMU Munich)
  • Journal article: Policy implementation a playground for losers of decision-making? An analysis of Christian Churches in Germany. (with O. Mettang, LMU Munich)
  • A new culture of parliamentary politics in post-secular times? Religion as strategic resource of the opposition-government game.